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So I tend to become very infatuated with anything that I write, to the point where I read it over and over again because I am so in love with it. Does that happen to any of you? I know that my writing isn't all that great, I can't spell worth a damn, and my grammar is horrible, and I really need some work on my creative writing as well as well as my discriptive prose, but it doesn't matter, when I actually get myself to put something on paper (or in ones and zeros) I fall in love with it and can reread it like I do with some of my favorate authors works (you should see how many times I have reread PastWatch by Orson Scott Card, or maybe you shouldn't). Anyways, sometimes this infatuation affects my ability to accept criticism, even the contructive variety, of my work. So what I really want to know from this writerly group, is do any of you suffer from the same problem, and if so what do you do to get past it, because I really think I need to learn to do that?
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I know I don't post here much, but I do keep track. For those who aren't watching my personal journal, my word count has reached the midway point of 25,094.

Due to life and not feeling well, I had fallen behind the last several days and spent today on a roll catching up. Trying to get the last two thousand words of so was difficult to do. I'd be even farther behind if I stopped to do editing on this one beyond general spelling and grammar so I know what on earth is going on.

So, ready or not, here's my excerpt to Tiger, Tiger

Life took another turn for our young couple when they found their way back to the sanctuary... )
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Tell me all about it!

Halfway through the month, but better late then never, people say...

So, from this post, here's the first daily Scuzzbopper NaNoWriMo update.

The purpose of this is to get us talking as a community about NaNo, not to embarrass -- or showcase -- anyone. You can post your progress bars / word count here, if you like, or just how the day went, as far as the story or writing goes. Tell us if the characters were AWOL or if they wouldn't leave you alone while you were trying to sleep. Whether real life rose up and bit you in the NaNo-typing hand (thereby rendering you wordless for the day) or if your fingers are sore and the brain is numb from typing too much. Basically, I think that every day in November is an Experience for a Wrimo / NaNoer / whatever you call yourself. So tell us all about it, good or bad.

Here there be support, encouragement, commisserations, cheers. Post your updates here!
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For all the writers reading this, this is a great site for Copyright myths and info:



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