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Name:Scuzzboppers Writing Group
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Quotes from Twice Upon a Time (1983):
"I'm through with nightmare scripts! I'm starting work on The Great Amurkian Novel! Pulitzer Prize, here I come! Hemingway! Steinbeck! Scuzzbopper!" -- Scuzzbopper

"Not now, boss! I'm trying to finish a page!" -- Scuzzbopper

"Eh, he's nothing. A writer." -- Synonymess Botch

This is a small community for folks who are interested in writing, whether on a professional basis or just for the sake of fun. Members are welcome to post requests for advice on how to handle challenges in their work, feedback on said work, or updates on how their writing is progressing. Sharing of writing-related resources on the Net is also most welcome.

Posting links to work in progress elsewhere on the web is good, but if you post actual excerpts on the community, please put them behind cut tags. Members who are working on material intended for actual publication or who do not wish to share their work outside the community should lock their posts accordingly.
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