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I'm an old acquaintance of Anna's and I started MUSHing in high school (over ten years ago) -- so love-of-language and hatred-of-what-passes-for-good-comics eventually melded into the desire to pull off a script or two.

Sadly, as Grace Allen said, "I read a book twice as fast as anyone else. First, I read the beginning, and then I read the ending, and then I start in the middle and read toward whichever end I like best."

... and it's like that. The 'trouble' with the medium is that I can be struck by an exchange, a mash-up, a use-of-powers that nobody's ever thought of -- or it can be a bit of dialogue, just a couple of panels of back-and-forth with nothing to 'kick it off' or 'tie it up.'

My brother the trained-as-a-screenwriter says, "You've got some great ideas from 10,000 feet up." Suitably original and epic, but he warns about pacing, structure, follow-through. I have none of the professional polish I'm sure my work will need. I'm an evoker. I evoke. (I describe my process, someday-famously, as "writing in stained glass." Dense with implication, weighted with pathos, minimally expository, cramming as much information into as small a space as possible.)

The most helpful book I have my hands on besides DC's comic-writer's guide and Alan Moore's essays on writing is Vogler's hero's-journey-for-writers. Love 'em all. But at the same time, my favorite storytellers are people like H.P. Lovecraft, Jorge Luis Borges ... not always linear, the payoff is incomprehensible madness ... that sort of thing.

I think in colors, in shapes, in space, in quips -- the consequence and honor of being a sculptor. In school, though, I got the 'Pablo Picasso critique' a lot. People have to know you can pull off the standard stuff with suitable verve before you can do stick-figures and be respected for it. Otherwise, you look lazy. I know there was a 'character outline worksheet' circling the community some time ago -- anybody have similar thoughts, advices, suggestions, recommendations?

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I wish I did have recommendations, just because of getting some traffic on this community! But I have no direct insight on writing comic scripts. I'll signal-boost a bit though and see if I can find somebody who does.

Thanks for posting!

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