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I went to college in the pre-calculator era; one did one's math on slide-rules, bolstered by a table of trigonometric functions and logarithms. I had my own little typewriter, which I lugged about in its neat little fitted case.

This was a long time ago.

So, imagine my sense of ancientness when I turn to page 29 of the January issue of World Oil (which comes, free-of-charge, as a printed journal to my postbox, but may also be seen at www.worldoil.com). That's engineer Les Skinner's column on drilling advances, most of which is over my head at the best of times. But this month he is reminiscing about his college days (which, judging from his masthead photo with grey temples and a certain number of laugh lines, were coeval with mine:

"For those of a later generation, a typewriter was a mechanical device that used small hammers to sequentially print letter, number or symbol images on paper."

I suspect that some of his readers will find that explanation helpful, as they might never have heard the clackety-clack ding ka-shucking of a typewriter in the wild.

And that makes this quote suitable for Scuzzboppers, I daresay: how many of you yet use a typewriter? I do my first drafts on an IBM Selectric, and then have them scanned and OCR'ed for later edits. Sounds clunky, perhaps, but to my way of feeling, nothing else would subsitute for the sheer tactile joy of writing with mechanical device (with my fscked hands, hand-writing is painful and never a joy)/ Anyway, what say you? Any other typewriters out and about, or am I the last of old dragons?

from somewhere far northwest, under the sleet-storm
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