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I know I don't post here much, but I do keep track. For those who aren't watching my personal journal, my word count has reached the midway point of 25,094.

Due to life and not feeling well, I had fallen behind the last several days and spent today on a roll catching up. Trying to get the last two thousand words of so was difficult to do. I'd be even farther behind if I stopped to do editing on this one beyond general spelling and grammar so I know what on earth is going on.

So, ready or not, here's my excerpt to Tiger, Tiger

“You come seeking answers. Answers we will provide before this night is done. This gathering will bring you into our fold and teach you all you need to know about who you are.”

The young pair blinked while they watched the elder lynx peak and pretty much guess what they wanted. While they watched, the few clouds in the sky parted to let the crescent moon’s light shine down on the elder. “Come, step into the light and know who you are.”

Leah hung back, frightened by the large crowd while Mark stepped forward. Boldly he stepped into the ring of light created by the moon and looked at the smaller lynx before he curled his muzzle into a smile. “I’m Mark, Mother Lynx, pleased to meet you.”

Not wanting to be alone, Leah scurried up behind him and reached for his hand like paw. While she looked about, he introduced her to the elder. “This is Leah, my mate. She’s nervous around crowds.”

“She will get to know us soon,” said the lynx then motioned for them to sit by her. As they sat, she spoke aloud to them, “We greet you, children of the tiger. Ask your questions so that we may teach.”

Before Mark could ask his question, Leah spoke up, her voice quivering with nervous growls, “What is happening to us? Why are we like this?”

Her mate wrapped an arm around her shoulders and held her close while she looked up at the lynx woman. He tried to purr to her, but found only a harsh sounding chuff. Her scent was still strong, but she wasn’t in need of him just yet. He knew she would need him soon and hoped the meeting would before he had to take care of her.

With a gentle smile, Mother Lynx looked down at them then purred, “You are changing my child. You are part of a once proud race of people called Bastet. Your change is part of what you are; part of your heritage as a feline and human.

“Long ago, before mankind start keeping records we were simple humans trying to survive in a harsh world. We worshipped the gods and dedicated our lives to them in order to seek favor and immortality. Our god was the great cat goddess, Bast. We were once her priests and acolytes. She, like the other gods, curried her people to love only her and granted them gifts of strength and agility.

“Her most devoted were given the form of the cat so they could be her avatars. In times of need, they would change to fight as their feral cousins or hunt to feed their family and priests. Their children and children’s children all carried her blessing. We became numerous over time and spread throughout the world.

“Our cat selves were kept secret from the rest of the world as the Christians started scorning everything that made their god look week and out of place. Until the times of darkness, our kind was always human and cat.

“After the time of darkness, we became few in number, most killed off by hunters who thought of us as demons and the rest tortured because of their ability. To save our kind, we took to mating with humans and a brave few went into the forests and jungles to preserve our kind there. Eventually, our pure blood became watered down on both sides. Generations would go by before another would appear.

“Always, when a new Bastet would appear, they would fear what they become. Our ways are of the wild. We respect the land so that she may give us food and shelter. This is happening because it is time for you to give to us so that we may survive another generation.”
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