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As y'all will have noticed, I haven't been posting on this community much lately. Those of you who follow my regular journal know that back in August, my partner [ profile] solarbird had a nasty accident, and because of that, I fell right out of the habit of posting here.

However, since Nanowrimo time is upon us, I wanted to invite you all to use this community if you like to post your updates, your laments, your hopes for moral support, your sharings of virtual snackies to encourage us all to write, and whatever else your little hearts desire.

This year, I'm not "officially" doing Nanowrimo. This is on the grounds that I have four, count 'em, four works in progress right now, as well as one for which I really need to get the next drafts of Chapters 1, 2, and 3 done, so I can get the new version of its partial out the door. So I'll be doing a sort of half-Nanowrimo, as it were. My goal is 25K added to Queen of Souls, the next standalone thing I want to get finished so I'll have a third thing to send out into the world. Extra special bonus points if I go over 25K and get Lament of the Dove's partial out the door as well.

So sound off, people! Who all's doing Nano this year?
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